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Chat Search Payments


Kwiksy also has the following features:

  • Free Money Transfer with instant availability of funds.
  • Free local and long distance calling.
  • Group chat (Unlimited Number of group members).
  • Group conference calling.
  • Video Conferencing.
  • Video Streaming.

Kwik Search

Kwik Search is a location based address book search powered by our geofencing algorithm. Kwiksy allows you to search for people who are willing to offer things or services you need at that particular instant. Kwiksy uses a proprietary search algorithm to locate people within your address book contacts that want to share their resources either for free or at a cost.


The profile page allows you to specify what exact resources you are willing to share. The visibility slider allows you to limit who can access you. You can also set the duration for which you are available. The expertise screen allows users with special skills set to avail themselves for consultancy.


The recommendation screen is where you will find items recommended to you by either people you know or the Kwiksy system based on your search criteria. Items that no longer fit your search

Get Paid

The Kwiksy Wallet is where you manage your funds in the Kwiksy account. This allows to send funds (Pay), request funds (Get Paid), transfer funds and withdraw funds from existing bank account.

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